About Us

Electric Energy affects every aspect of life directly. Electric energy is used on all the cars that ease the life and used in almost all the times of everyday life. From the production to consumption, transportation to security in the era of communication technologies, electric energy is a fundamental necessity in all areas of life. AYEDAŞ (Istanbul Anatolian Side Electricity Distribution Co.) realizes its electricity distribution services, information and administration activities under the philosophy of “uninterrupted energy for the continuity of life” with an understanding of services that add value to life. ​​​



We move our energy in the middle of life. ​
We’re along the life with our environment-friendly and high quality service understanding. ​
We adopted the modern management model that supports communication under the framework of our corporate culture values.​
By investing on life, we aim to provide sustainable access to electricity. ​
Contributing for the details that ease the life!​

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